The Island

Nineteen66 Southern Grill & Tap House

Never has nostalgia been this delicious. Fried green tomatoes, Gulf gumbo, po'boys and entrees from the land and sea anchor the menu at our signature restaurant.


Taphouse Bar Open Daily from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Restaurant Coming May 2019! 

  • Appetizers
  • Nineteen66


    • Fried Pickles |

      Breaded in crispy cornmeal and lightly fried pickle chips, served with a buttermilk and dill sauce

    • Pimento Cheese Fritters |

      A unique blend of pimento peppers and cheese lightly fried and served with a rich roasted tomato sauce

    • Smoked Fish Dip |

      Locally sourced catch of the day smoked to perfection and blended with our signature seasoning blend and cream cheese - served with crackers and hot sauce

    • Buffalo Wings |

      Buffalo or blackened, blue cheese or ranch; your choice of ten jumbo wings fried and tossed to perfection

    • Peel'n'Eat Gulf Shrimp |

      Eat like a local - dig into a pound of locally sourced shrimp steamed with our signature blend of spicy sweet seasoning and served with a tangy remoulade

    • Chips & Dip |

      A delicious trio of dips from sweet to spicy - enjoy our fresh passion fruit guacamole, pasilla chili salsa or gooey beer cheese; served with cripsy chips

    • Dirty Fries |

      Warm fries adorned with aged cheddar, green onion, our slow smoked pulled pork and cider barbecue jus

    • Crab Hushpuppies |

      Jumbo lump crab meat blended with our homemade cornmeal batter and served with a lemon aioli and our signature comeback sauce

    • Fried Green Tomatoes |

      Coastal meets southern cuisine with our homemade fried green tomatoes topped with Cajun salt and served with a tangy remoulade

    All prices subject to change.

  • Soups & Salads
  • Nineteen66


    • Pork Green Chilli |

      Our unique blend of pork shoulder, hatch chilies, and red beans topped with sour cream and a sprinkle of cheese served with crackers for dipping

    • Sweet Potato Bisque |

      A complex and tasty blend of sweet potatoes, cream, chipoltle peppers, maple syrup and goat cheese

    • Gulf Gumbo |

      Locally sourced seafood, okra, file and a trinity blend of onions, bell pepper and celery


    • Sixty6 Salad |

      Chopped greens topped with blue cheese, tomato, jalapeno ranch and candied pecans

    • Souther Caesar Salad |

      Crisp romaine adorned with Georgia gouda, buttermilk Caesar dressing and garlic ciabatta croutons

    • Mirliton Waldorf Salad |

      Cool greens topped with walnuts, grapes and orange blossom honey

    All prices subject to change.

  • Po Boys & Burgers
  • Nineteen66

    All served with french fries

    Po Boys & Burgers

    • Backyard Burger |

      Set the bar with our take on a half pound classic burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, melted cheddar and mayonnaise

    • Smokehouse Burger |

      The south meets a classic - our half pound burger dressed with pulled pork, pimento cheese and a cool crisp green tomato

    • Cubano Burger |

      Our take on a Cuban staple - our half pound burger topped with ham, salami, swiss cheese, mustard and topped with crunchy pickle chips

    • Shellfish Po'Boy |

      A true Gulf classic - locally sourced shrimp, oysters or a combination of the two lightly fried and served with a creamy sauce that's finger-lickin' delicious

    • Beef Debris |

      Satisfy a man-sized hunger with our slow cooked beef brisket, caramelized pan drippin's, topped with a garlicky sauteed spinach blend

    • Veggie Po'Boy |

      We have something for everyone - vegetables battered in our house-made cornmeal batter and lightly fried adorned with lettuce, tomato and a tangy remoulaude

    • Fried Chicken Po'Boy |

      Crispy chicken tenders tossed in our signature blend of sweet spices finished with a heaping topping of slaw and pickled peppers

    All prices subject to change.

  • Plates
  • Nineteen66

    All served with your choice of side


    • Blackened Gulf Snapper |

      Locally sourced snapper blackened and cast iron roasted with butter and green onions

    • Lump Crab Cakes |

      Two cakes made with jumbo lump crab meat, seasoned with our blend of thyme and lemon served pan roasted or fried

    • Sweet'n'Spicy Salmon |

      A hearty salmon filet grilled without house spice rub of brown sugar and de arbol chilies

    • Whiskey & Sorghum Glazed Spare Ribs |

      A half rack of ribs cooked low and slow in our house made whiskey sorghum glaze, finished with a char on the grill

    • Mojo BBQ Chicken |

      Half a grilled chicken marinated in our unique blend of orange juice, garlic, and our homemade barbecue sauce

    • Root Beer Braised Beef Short Rib |

      A sticky delightful half rack of ribs cooked low and slow with bay leaves and a signature blend of spices and finished with a root beer glaze

    • New York Strip Steak |

      From blue to well-done, enjoy a 12 oz. New York strip steak marinated in bourbon, black peppercorns and Worcestershire sauce finished on the grill

    • Chopped Steak |

      Our chopped steak is composed of twelve ounces of full-flavored ground steak topped with a trinity of sauteed mushrooms, peppers and onions

    • Grilled Cauliflower Steak |

      At Nineteen 66, we have something for everyone - including a vegetarian steak crafted from cauliflower finished on the grill with a cider barbecue sauce served with two sides

    All prices subject to change.

  • Sides
  • Nineteen66


    • French Fries |
    • Sweet Potato Fries |
    • Grilled Asparagus |
    • Macaroni & Cheese |
    • Mozzarella Mashed Potatoes |
    • Andouille & Red Beans |

      Take a trip to the Creole coast with our house blend of red beans, Andouille sausage served with a heap of rice

    • Broccoli & Rice Casserole |

      Broccoli and rice baked and topped with our signature blend of cheese

    • Side Salad |

      Cool greens topped with sliced tomatoes, shredded carrot and croutons served with your choice of dressing

    • Side Salad |

      Cool greens topped with sliced tomatoes, shredded carrot and croutons served with your choice of dressing

    • Seasonal Vegetable |

      Ask your server about our seasonal vegetable offering

    • Southern Style Greens |

      Chopped greens simmered with smoked ham hocks and a spice blend that's crafted in house

    All prices subject to change.

  • Beverages
  • Nineteen66 Beverages

    Beer & Soda


    Draft Beer

    • Flying Coffin IPA (6.8%) | $6.50

      Props Brewery, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

    • Floridian Hefeweizen (5.2%) | $6.50

      Funky Buddha Brewery, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    • Key Lime Cider (5.5%) | $6.50

      3 Daughters Brewery, St. Petersburg, FL

    • 30A Beach Blonde Ale (4.6%) | $6.50

      Grayton Beer Company, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    • Blood Orange Sunset Ale (5%) | $6.50

      Gulf Coast Brewery, Pensacola, FL

    • Samuel Adams Summer Ale (5.3%) | $6.50

      Boston Beer Company, Boston, MA

    • Riptide Amber Ale (5.4%) | $6.50

      Pensacola Bay Brewery, Pensacola, FL

    • Bud Light (4.2%) | $4.50

      Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, St. Louis, MO

    • Mango Wit Belgian Wit Bier (5.2%) | $6.50

      Proof Brewery, Tallahassee, FL

    • Yuengling American Lager (4.5%) | $4.50

      Yuengling Brewing, Pottsville, PA

    Bottled Beer

    • Budweiser (5%) | $4.00

      American Pale Lager

    • Stella Artois (5.0%) | $6.00

      Belgian Pilsner

    • Bud Light (4.2%) | $4.00

      American Light Lager

    • Corona (4.5%) | $5.00

      Pale Lager

    • Michelob Ultra (4.2%) | $4.00

      Light Beer

    • Heineken (5.0%) | $5.00

      Pale Lager

    • Miller Lite (4.2%) | $4.00

      Light Pale Lager

    • Kona Big Wave (4.4%) | $5.00

      Golden Ale

    • Coors Light (4%) | $5.00

      Light Lager

    • Li'l Napoleon (6.7%) | $5.00

      American IPA

    • Shocktop (5.2%) | $5.00

      Belgian Spiced White

    Craft Sodas

    • Jones Cream Soda | $4.00
    • Jones Berry Lemonade | $4.00
    • Jones Root Beer | $4.00